Haste Makes Waste: The Danger in Allowing an Employee to Commence Employment Before Properly Implementing a Dental Employment Contract

You’ve got the job, I’ll send over the agreement later.”

After reading part 1 and part 2 of our last posts, you are familiar with why dental employment contracts are vital, and you will also know that the easiest way to implement a contract is to have the employee sign it before they start. Based on this, what could possibly be wrong with uttering the words at the top of this post?

We consistently run into employers who have taken the time to prepare a new written employment agreement and have a new employee sign it, before the start of their first shift. Unfortunately, it is quite often the case that these employment agreements were actually signed after the employee truly commenced employment. The employer, after taking the time to get the contract in place before the employee starts their shift, could still run the risk of having the dental employment contract deemed unenforceable. This is a most unfortunate occurrence, but sadder still, one that is commonplace. Continue reading